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  • FAQ

  • Q:    Can I pay my bill with a credit card?
    A:     Click here for specific information from your insurance carrier.

    Q:    Do I need to purchase rental car coverage?
    A:    We recommend it. 

    Q:    How do I go about filing a claim?
    A:    During business hours (M-F  8am-5pm) call 317.852.2245. After business hours refer to your specific insurance company numbers.

    Q:    How do I get a Certificate of Insurance?
    A:    Call 317.852.2245 x300 and for Susan or email Susan at susanm@htiins.com.   Please have the following information ready:   Name of Certificate Holder, address, fax or email for holder

    Q:    Why is my premium increasing?
    A:    This is a very common question. The answers vary depending your specific situation. However, some of the key and most common reasons are as follows:

    • New claims submitted or moving violations, if an auto policy.
    • Credit score changes for you personally or your business.
    • Natural disasters can affect your premiums. Tornado’s, hail, even if not “your fault” will affect the insurance company and therefore, will affect your premium.
    • New driver’s (teenager’s especially) and newer vehicles affect premiums