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  • Business Insurance

  • Business insurance has two main coverage components, Property Insurance and Liability Insurance.

    Property insurance is much like insuring your home. You want replacement cost for the items that can get ruined via fire, theft or other covered causes of loss.

    Estimating the correct value, or replacement cost, is key to having the correct coverage when/if a claim occurs. Anything that leaves the business property must be insured on a “floater” or policy that covers moving objects. Mowers and backhoes are 


    Liability insurance is for your “business mistakes”. The premium is determined, in part, by your experience in that particular line of work and your previous loss history. The premium is charged on either payroll or sales in most cases.

    By providing us previous “loss history” or “loss runs” will give you the best chance for a very good, competitive price from HTI.

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